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i moved

hey i know been long time since i posted but i couldnt get to live jounarl site os i'm been posting on blog i might use this for other things but til then go to my other site witch i think it better!! i hope i see you their...

here link http://theatregeek-thedarkgift83.blogspot.com/
here my review on Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost my frist book i read on my kindle " fawkes" yeah  what i name it i know i'm geek!! i hope you like it thier some are spoilers if don't care then go head!!!! & on vampire dairies i only have three epiosde lift on them i think i need to watch them agein & their showing rerun on cw on thruday on 8 pm os hopefully i'll post another review perbly that night or the next will see!!!

got to blaze elizabeth / bessie
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syfy being human

Black Butler: Season One, Part 1 (Limited Edition) came out tusday & i forgot to put remder on it os i forgot all about it!!!! i don't know what limited edition means or when their going stop selling it  i'm sure i'll find out till then i'll kept you posted & Awakened by p.c. & kristen cast came out last tuesday same thing i forgot to put the remder on it os i just found today!!!!  & new show being human on syfy is someing on 7 start at 8 pm it's base on their other show that named being human on bbc witch is werid i know they did thae same thing on the office but the show ened whe they did the new one!!! i hope it's good & dosent suck if it dose i'll watch bbc america being human!!!! sorry about the other two things i'll try to post them when they came or the next day!!!!

got to blaze elizabeth / bessie
 came out last tuesday

came out tuesday
 comes on monday starts a 8 pm on syfy!!!!
heres my new review on Vampire Dairies season 2,episode 7: Masquerade their might be spoilers if you don't care then go head!!!

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Primeval series 4

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Part 3 came out today witch is awsome!!! their showing Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood it on adult swim witch is very good i'd been watching it on sat day i think well that only day they good show i think!! Primeval series 4 going start on sat at 9 pm on bcc america i can't wait i been watching reruns on syfy & chiller  it's very good show!!!
came out today

comes out today ver cool cover!!!!

 comes out sat on bbc ameria starts at 9pm!!! very cool photo

well christmas over

well christmas over & i got a new kindle witch is awsome i been reading some books will sample of them im going buy some probly next pay day!!! me & my ant are going to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader witch hunter gave gift card of witch is awsome!!! 7 5 days til new years very crazy to think it's going 2011 very werid & i'm guessing where put drown ower christmas tree too !!! & my ant liveing on 30 witch is sad but i'm sure she's be happy to back to animals!!! i saw true grit last wed i think & it's was awsome & eve my dad  that saw orangle one says that he like the new one better witch tells me i guess the old one not that great or it is is that conin brother did better job at!!! if you saw my fackbook i post some christmas pics it was crazy here with the whole family here even my sis boyfriend hunter was here only for prest opeing then he had to live to eat dinner with fam!! i'm  going type ing up the last episode of  vampire dairies i'm going review on do like it or do you want just do book review's??? i'm going put my flixers on here i have review on movie on their cuise some typle reason it not working on facebook!!!

got to blaze elizabeth / bessie


heres another my review on Vampire Dairies Season 2, Episode 6: Plan B their probly spolers if you don't care go head

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here's another my reviews on vampire diaries season 2; episode 5 Kill or Be Killed their probly spoilers if you don't care then go head!!!

Tron: Legacy out theatre

Tron: Legacy came out last friday witch awsome can't wait to see this it going be in 3d witch ok i guess i'll probly be watching it on 2d i hope i guess will see!!!!

heres one my reviews on Vampire Diaries season 2 :episode 4: Memory Lane their might be spilers if you don't care then go head!!!

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